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The highest likelihood of passing in the fewest number of hours studying.

Because architects are visual learners, we offer 50+ hours of well-animated instruction, more than 600 practice problems with well-animated explanations, plus hundreds (more than 700) of digital flashcards.

For most people, this courses is intended to replace studying rather than initiate it (even if you study no other content).

We see ourselves not as study prep material, but rather as something approaching a university-level course, if the university-level course was focused on getting you licensed.

Let us take you across the finish line to licensure. We can help you study for ALL of your remaining exams.

0% tripod

0% of this course is simply tripoded video of me giving a class. I’ve hired animators, a movie maker, an audio recording studio, and a video recording studio to make this the kind of thing I’d want to watch for 50+ hours.

50+ hours of video

The course covers systems, construction, site, codes, and professional practice content. This totals approximately 50 hours of video, which should take you around 150 hours to complete, including stopping to answer the questions that come with the course.

100% your pace

This course is self-guided so that you can go at your own pace and you can watch each animated video as many times as you like while you have access.

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